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PSG & Sons’ Charities:

The brand name “PSG “stands for Shri.P.S.Govindasamy Naidu, who lived in Peelamedu, Coimbatore . His four Sons Shri. PSG Venkataswamy Naidu, Shri. PSG Rangaswamy Naidu, Shri. PSG Ganga Naidu and Shri. PSG Narayanaswamy Naidu willingly and voluntarily divided their inherited ancestral properties into five parts, reserving the one-fifth portion to charity, which hence became their fifth sibling. The PSG & Sons’ Charities Trust was created in 1926 with the purpose empowering the youth through education. The fifth brother has become the crowning glory of the PSG family and has taken education to unimaginable heights adding fame and glory to the land of Coimbatore. The PSG & Son’s Charities Trust (1926), under the guidance of illustrious Managing Trustees Sri.G.R. Govindarajuly Dr. G.R. Damodaran, Sri G. Varadaraj, Sri. G.R. Karthikeyan, Sri V. Rajan, Sri G. Rangaswamy and presently Sri L. Gopala Krishnan, all with foresight and far reaching vision, has been in the forefront of innovation in technical education.

The fifth brother have created over 30 educational institutions of repute ranging from Kindergarten to Doctoral Studies across Arts, Science, Engineering, Technology, Medical and Management.

The Trust is running the following education institutions since 1926.

PSG Higher Education Institutions:

  • 1939 – PSG Polytechnic College
  • 1926– PSG Sarvajana High School
  • 1939 – PSG Polytechnic College
  • 1947 – PSG College of Arts and Sciences
  • 1951 – PSG College of Technology
  • 1985 – PSG Institute of Medical Sciences and Research
  • 1986 – PSG Industrial Training Centre
  • 1989 – PSG Centre for Non-Formal and Continuing Education
  • 1994 – PSG College of Nursing
  • 1994 – PSG Institute of Management
  • 1998 – PSG Science and Technology Entrepreneurial Park
  • 1999 – PSG College of Physiotherapy
  • 2001 – PSG College of Pharmacy
  • 2006 – PSG Institute of Advanced Studies
  • 2014 – PSG Institute of Technology and Applied Research
  • 2015 – PSG Center for Academic Research and Excellence

About PSG Center for Academic Research and Excellence (PSG CARE)

The PSG Center for Academic Research and Excellence (PSG CARE) was established in 2015 by the PSG & Sons Charities Trust with a mission to promote teaching excellence in all the colleges under the Trust. Toward this end, CARE will encourage the use of learner-centric pedagogical practices that facilitate effective learning and will foster dialogue and reflection on effective teaching through workshops, seminars, one-to-one consultation and other activities. The center also focuses on creating and sustaining effective faculty student relationships and aims to pursue its mission by:

  • Helping educators at PSG to practice a learner-centric course design, innovative pedagogy and effective assessments so as to shift the focus of the teaching learning process from delivery of knowledge to facilitation of knowledge acquisition
  • Offering an effective one-to-one mentoring system to the faculty in various topics pertaining to learner-centric pedagogy and effective faculty student relationships
  • Promoting the use of technology in the PSG classrooms and establishing an environment for effective use of technology in enhancing the teaching- learning process.
  • Helping faculty members assess the effectiveness of their teaching through appropriate student and peer feedback mechanisms
  • Encouraging research activities that enhance the quality of teaching at PSG and supporting dissemination of research findings about the teaching learning process.